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Stephen Twombly has owned the website (as well as other Singing Loon domains) since 1998. Recorded media has been available on the Singing Loon website since the inception of the site including: Sweet City Nights, I Hear the Wind, and Waiting for Your Love.

In addition to recorded media, a number of original music scores will soon be available on These sample scores will be furnished to orchestras and conductors to promote performance of Stephen Twombly's opera Durien's Debut and other compositions by Stephen Twombly.

The media available for download at is protected by copyright and serves educators, concert presenters, and professional musicians. This material is provided at no charge to promote performance of music by Stephen Twombly and by Ensemble Soleil, a 501(c)(3)grant-winning organization.

The media (MP3s and score samples) is aimed at the following audiences: composers studying examples of unique 20th century compositions and composing techniques, professional instrumentalists and singers seeking new repertoire, jazz-rock performers interested in music of the Virtual Band, concert presenters seeking to contract Ensemble Soleil for a concert series, and conductors, educators, and students seeking music of contemporary American composers for study and performance.

Stephen Twombly, B.A., Drew University, studied composition at Drew University and Juilliard School of Music. In 1976 he was a composing fellow at the Aspen Music Festival. In the 1980s, Mr. Twombly was assistant conductor of the children's orchestra at the Betty Haag Academy under conductor Henry Mazur, assistant conductor of the Chicago Symphony at the time. Mr. Twombly has composed more than 20 works for orchestra, string orchestra, solo instruments including violin, flute, clarinet, voice, woodwind septet, and the children's opera Durien's Debut.. In 1997 Mr. Twombly released a contemporary jazz compact disc Reality Check. Mr. Twombly's compositions may be viewed and heard at





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